Privacy Policy

The website and the services offered are owned by Flipoke Limited and are made available to the users on the following Terms and Conditions.

The terms and conditions mentioned shall be applicable to any user who uses the website/ application or any technical product(s) in any form.

By using any of our products (Website or Application or any other form of product/ service offered by Flipoke), you are indicating your acceptance to be bound by these Terms of Use, Privacy Statement, and all other company policies.

'Flipoke'; 'we'; 'us'; and our 'Company'; means Flipoke Limited.

'Candidate'; 'User'; 'You'; and 'Your'; means any person registering with us for searching relevant employment opportunities.

'Recruiter'; 'User'; 'You'; and 'Your';means any person, company, or organisation which is engaging with us to assist your staff recruitment needs.

Our Commitment

At Flipoke, we are committed to ensuring that your information is kept private and is used only for the purposes listed below. This privacy policy sets forth our policies of data collection, sharing and processing.

By using this website, you agree to the collection, use, storage, and transfer of your data.

Policy's Scope

This policy is applicable to all the users of Flipoke, its website, and other services offered under its brand.

Information Collected and Stored

Users' information is collected as they use the services and provide their information. This information includes but is not limited to the following.

  • The contact information of users like Name, Address, Phone Number, Email ID, etc.
  • Users' CVs and Resumes along with the details of their past job experiences.
  • Preferences of jobs or eligible applicants. Details of search made on the website.
  • Information provided by the users in email or on website or through any other online form.
  • Information about your business or firm.

Details of jobs that are available online are also collected through various sources. We only collect the data that is publicly available and we do not modify any of the details mentioned and it is displayed to the users for their job related needs. We do not authenticate or verify the accuracy of such data and posted information. Relying on the details would be solely at the users' discretion.

Job Seeker Account and Information in the CV

Users who register with us agree that details of their CV can be shared and made available for potential employers. The details can also to identify the best jobs available by identifying the nat ure of the hiring businesses on the basis of the details provided by them. However, Flipoke does not guarantee the authenticity of the mentioned details.

Information Collection and its Use

IP Address - User's IP address is captured to determine the location of the user. This helps us in statistical purposes and helps us improve our services.

Google Maps - The API of Google maps are used in accordance with its policies.

Cookies - Cookies are collected during your use of the website. The information collected are used internally and for marketing purposes. The information collected are used to provide a positive user experience.

Activity - Your activity on our website may be monitored, stored, and used for our internal operations and external marketing purposes.

The collected information is used for:

  • Improving our services
  • Responding to common queries
  • Delivering the products and services to job seekers/ recruiters.
  • For miscellaneous marketing purposes

Personal Information and its Disclosure

When you register with Flipoke, you give us the consent to process the details of the data to match with the relevant job opening. The data mentioned in the CV can also be used to identify the most suitable recruiters by our match making tool. You are advised to update any change in data and it is recommended to update your CV after every 3 months to maintain the latest records.

We reserve the right to store and share the data with the recruiters. Your current employer can also be one of our customers and they may have the access to your data. Flipoke does not restrict the clients in accessing the available profiles.

The information collected is shared in the following ways.

  1. Information is shared to employers who may be interested in your application
  2. Information may be shared with the third party service providers that assist us in delivering the services. A few of such examples are data hosting servers, marketing campaigns, customer service, data analyzing etc.
  3. Information can be shared to a government entity upon request. The data can be shared in good faith after considering the privacy interests on the following grounds.
    • Preventing a crime
    • Complying with legal process
    • National security


You may write to us at

Waiver of Claims

You hereby waive all claims against Flipoke and indemnify all its directors, employees, and representatives from any liability, costs, or expenses including but not limited to attorney’s fee and litigation costs.

Amendment in Policies

Flipoke reserves the right to amend, or modify the contents of its Terms & Conditions, Privacy Policy and other policies without giving prior information to you.